I’m a super hero by day, aspiring voice actor and audio engineer by night, and this is my page. I currently live in Los Angeles, yes it’s as crazy as you think it is, and I am trying to make a career out of my night job! Check out my other pages for all the fun and excitement going on!

New Character Voice and Commercial Reel for 2020!

I Produce these so if you are interested in one, leave me a message!

Current Projects

Recording this coming week for the next few chapters of Mandible Judy! Mixed and produced by Chris Burke in New York, this Audio Drama is at the top of it’s game! Check out the link in my original post to give it a listen!

Mandible Judy

a serialized weekly horror podcast, where i play Dr. Conner Darcy, a Geologist who quickly learns that not all elements are predictable.

The Lovecraft Covenant

A completed six part Audio Drama that i engineered and was cast in. Check the link for details!