Fierce Deity: by Glory of Dawn

A Production from

In the past, a mighty warrior confronts an evil sorcerer. In the future, a young hero dons an ancient mask and witnesses a battle spanning ages. One shot.

Part One (Link)

Part Two (Link)

Doctor Who: Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover.

I have been cast as the 11th Doctor in this epic fanfic full of adventure, mystery, and fun! You can find this fanfiction on

Marianne and the song of Redwall

In this Fanfic based on the immensely popular series written by Brian Jacques and written by ifeelmad on, we follow the two main characters Samuel and Salome, two young ferrets as they flee from their dying tribal settlement. But now, although they are not aware of it, they are fleeing from vengeful paws.

Half-Life 2 Mod: Gate II

An ambitious mod in which I supply some voices for. It’s an entertaining mod and a lot of fun to do.

The Rubber Army Show – Super Hero

Skyrim Mod: Disk World – Braza

Flight United 999 – Narrator

Amper Scott Satan Show

I play Satan in this animated short where Satan thinks that the 13th month is real. (link)